The Denali Star Train (1)

The Denali Star is the Alaska Railroad’s flagship train and like Amtrak’s Empire Builder (Seattle-Chicago) this train has also its own complimentary magazine.

The Onboard Magazine

There are no overnight trains in Alaska, only daylight runs.


“I’m sitting in the railway station

Got a ticket for my destination.”


GoldStar Service, the Alaska Railroad’s First Class

I purchased the GoldStar Service ($578 for the roundtrip) and get a seat on the second level of the two-story fully-domed car. We GoldStar passengers ride in the newest and most luxurious, double-decked dome cars on the train. The cars are positioned near the front of the train with the best views from the outdoor viewing platform. The height is 18 ft and one inch (5.51 m) which is actually higher than Amtrak’s Superliners. There are 72 seats in the First Class Car but we are only nine passengers. But it is still very early in the season, the first summer train departed the day before yesterday.

I receive complimentary non-alcoholic beverages throughout the trip, and am allowed to purchase beer, wine and spirits at the private bar located on the upper level of the GoldStar car. We have our own bar attendant. A thing I enjoy very much is the access I have to an open air, glass-roofed, viewing deck to the rear of the car. It is nice to get some fresh air once in a while and the viewing deck is of course great for taking pictures.


Eén reactie op “The Denali Star Train (1)

  1. susanissima schreef:

    Yes, what a comfortable ride, even for our little grandtoddler! And the views!


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