The Adventure Begins

Friday, 16 May 2014


“I always prefer the train.” – Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

I awoke early, probably because of the excitement. It’s a beautiful day, with clear blue skies. According to my newspaper, the Anchorage Daily News, the weather will be “Mostly sunny, light winds, 72°F.” (22°C). Why is this weather report so important? Because I hope to see the highest mountain in North America, Mount McKinley, and the odds of seeing it are not good, only three out of ten chances.

From my hotel on Second Avenue it is just a short walk to the train station, the Alaska Railroad Depot. Anchorage is headquarters to the Alaska Railroad and the journey to Fairbanks begins here at the impressive white railroad depot at historic Ship Creek which is encircled by the magnificent Chugach and Alaska Range mountains.

The Alaska Railroad Depot in Anchorage

A large white baggage tent is located at the east end of the Depot and Alaska Railroad baggage handlers assist me with getting my luggage tagged to Fairbanks, my final destination. My next step is to get my boarding pass from the ticket window in the Depot.

My Boarding Pass

Baggage Tag



Eén reactie op “The Adventure Begins

  1. susanissima schreef:

    Most Alaskans actually refer to Mt. McKinley by its Athabaskan name, Denali, “The High One.” 🙂


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