This is a small travelogue about breathtakingly stunning views on a scenic train journey across one of America’s most beautiful states. How do you convey and describe this without reiterating adjectives such as magnificent, fabulous and incredible? One lady on the train said something along these lines: “Every time I look out of the window it looks like one of those picture postcards. It’s just amazing, the beauty of this land.”

Well, a scenic train ride it is, folks, and it offers some pretty nice views, all in the comfort of your window seat.

All aboard!

02-Alaska Travelogue

Copyright Statement

All photographs on this blog were taken by Paul Becker, except the photo of the swans which was taken by Gerald Plowman.


2 reacties op “Preface

  1. susanissima schreef:

    Paul, Robert and I are so pleased that we met you onboard and can’t wait to read your posts!


    • usabyrail schreef:

      Hi Susan (by the way, I love your tag ‘Susanissima’), thanks for all your kind words. And yes, I have written another travelogue, on my travels with Amtrak two years ago. That one is in Dutch, but I know that my American friends have read it using Google Translate. It’s not ideal, but you get an idea. Here is the address:
      Give my regards to Robert.


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